If you are a parent, spouse, son, daughter, or friend of an alcoholic and/or drug user, then CRAFT can help by giving you the tools, as well as the support, to help you to help your loved one affected by substance use disorder find a path to sobriety, as well as improve your own life.

The CRAFT program is an alternative to nagging, pleading, and threatening.

Have you ever called, or wanted to call, a crises hotline, or hospital for help to say, “Please help me! I am worried my husband is going to drink himself to death!”, or, “My child is always going out and getting high; it really scares me!”? CRAFT might be for you!

CRAFT has been proven to:

1 Improve the lives of the concerned family and friends.

2 Help reduce the affected persons substance use.

3 Help guide loved ones affected by substance abuse/addiction toward treatment.

Call: 812-642-5007

Visit: 10 West Van Trees St, Washington, IN 47501